Toilet waterproof should do so!

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Toilet waterproof should do so!

bathroom is where we have to use every day, but also on a daily basis in contact with the most water of the place, if a little careless when decoration, waterproof works did not do a good job... after you cry! Let's take a look at popular science. What should we do to prevent water leakage in this toilet?
1. The toilet needs leveling
In the process of decoration, any basic project should be done well, so the ground leveling work of the toilet must be done in place. First of all, cement mortar should be used to level the ground, and then waterproof should be done. The advantage of this is to avoid applying waterproof coating, because the ground is uneven and causes uneven thickness, resulting in late leakage and new earth.K11 waterproof self-leveling coatingWaterproof leveling is completed at the same time, the construction is convenient, the effect is assured.
2, wall treatment is very important
Before laying wall tiles in the bathroom, it is recommended that you do a good job of waterproofing the wall. General toilet wall do 30cm high waterproof coating, to prevent the wall permeable. If the home is a bathtub, but also pay attention to the wall adjacent to the bathtub also do waterproof, waterproof coating height is higher than the upper edge of the bathtub, so that it is more scientific and reasonable.
3, keep the water unobstructed
All the sewer in the toilet should be kept unobstructed, including the sewer pipe and floor drain of sanitary ware, otherwise the water will overflow the whole toilet in the later period. Therefore, keeping the water smooth is also a prerequisite for avoiding problems in the later period.
4, the water pipe groove in the wall should also be waterproof
Many people will ignore this point. The water pipe groove in the wall should also be waterproof. During the construction process, the pipeline and floor drain should also be waterproof layer around the hole during the process of penetrating the floor slab. This must be done well.
5. "Water storage test"
After the waterproof project is completed, a 24-hour water storage test must be carried out, the drain is sealed, and then the water is stored up, and the height of the water overflows is marked. Wait for 24 hours to see if the height of the water has dropped significantly, especially to observe whether there is any leakage in the ceiling downstairs.
Toilet leak prevention everyone should pay attention! Not doing well will affect the future life! Therefore, it is still necessary to do a good job in leak-proof engineering!

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