2016 First National Tile Adhesive Production Application and Management Marketing Exchange Conference Held in Guangzhou

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2016 First National Tile Adhesive Production Application and Management Marketing Exchange Conference Held in Guangzhou

For a long time, in building decoration, people mostly use traditional cement mortar to paste wall tiles, and the tiles are hollowing and falling off frequently. The advantages of ceramic tile adhesive, such as energy saving and environmental protection, simple construction, strong adhesion and low cost, can effectively solve this problem. Survey data show that although the use of tile glue has increased year by year, the market share is still less than 10%. At the end of the year, it is particularly important to call on tile glue practitioners to discuss the development trend of the industry and sum up advanced experience and existing problems. In view of this, on January 13, the first national ceramic tile adhesive production application and management marketing exchange conference sponsored by China mortar newspaper was held in Guangzhou Zhujiang hotel. Relevant leaders of Guangzhou City, editor-in-chief of "China Mortar" magazine Tong Chenggang, Deputy Secretary-General of China Building Materials Federation Ready-mixed Mortar Branch Guo Xi, President of Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association Wang Peiming, and chairmen and general managers of various ceramic tile glue industry chain related enterprises Attended the meeting. This conference attracted more than 300 people from the tile adhesive industry to participate. Everyone gathered together to exchange technologies and discuss the development, application and management of tile adhesive. Manager Wang and Manager Guan of our company also went to Guangzhou to attend the meeting.
The output value of ceramic tile glue has hovered at 30 billion in 2015 and increased by more than 30% in 2014. In China, the excellent ceramic tile adhesive enterprises have been developing at a high speed for more than ten years and only in the past three years. In 2015, the production and sales volume of ceramic tile adhesive will exceed 30 billion, but it is only less than one tenth of the production and sales area of ceramic tile in China. In the tile glue industry production, application, management, marketing and other aspects of rapid development has made gratifying achievements at the same time, the tile glue industry professionals also see the need for innovation in the tile glue industry. In 2015, it showed brand diversification and laid the foundation for the development of ceramic tile adhesive market. The reason for the rapid development of tile glue in China in recent years is not only its own product performance advantages and market demand, but also inseparable from the innovation and research and development in the industry. The release of new products will also inject new strength into the development of the tile adhesive industry.
With the rapid development of the ceramic tile adhesive market, the ceramic tile adhesive industry has been in chaos such as cutting corners and low-price competition. How to balance the cost and product quality and let the enterprise continue to go on healthily has also become the focus of attention. It has become the consensus of everyone to keep the bottom line of the enterprise, focus on making their own products, specialize in the field of ceramic tile glue, and constantly innovate the management mode. The continuous sharing of dry goods by big players in the tile glue field greatly attracted the guests present. During the questioning session, many people rushed to raise their hands to ask questions. They talked again about how to make the tile glue market grow rapidly, how to do a good job in the quality of tile glue enterprises, and what experiences they have in the marketing process. In 2015, the growth of the construction market slowed down. In the past two years, the world ceramic tile development report also showed that the production, consumption, import and export of ceramic tiles have declined slightly. However, it is gratifying to see that the ceramic tile adhesive industry, which guarantees the safe pasting of ceramic tiles, has increased by double or triple digits in the past three years.
Finally, China Mortar Magazine set up a ceramic tile glue innovation fund at the dinner to be used for outstanding enterprises and individuals in the research and development, production technology, product sales and other related aspects of ceramic tile glue every year, so as to promote the healthy development of ceramic tile glue in China. The meeting is keen on the tile glue industry enterprises together, sum up the past, look to the future, for the healthy and orderly development of the industry joint force. Tile glue practitioners should not only share their experiences and learn from their deficiencies in indoor meetings, but also need to go out of the meeting room to let more tile glue audience customers share the charm of tile glue, an advanced building material.

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