2016 building materials industry will face what kind of pattern

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2016 building materials industry will face what kind of pattern

The highly competitive year of 2015 has come to a successful end. While summing up the gains and losses of the year, various businesses have begun to carefully examine what kind of market pattern the home building materials industry will face in 2016. Only by preparing for a long-term future and better interpreting and studying 2016 can we be calm and calm in dealing with changes.
1, the market pattern repositioning, industry reshuffle will become the norm
The extensive development of the home building materials industry has become a fatal factor in criticizing this industry. Industry integration is imperative. In the long process of marketization, more and more companies have withdrawn from this industry due to business and development reasons. And industry scale enterprises at this time have more market space. Re-integrating and defining the pattern of the industry and realizing the healthy development of the industry have become the focus of 2016 and even the future.
2, just need to become the mainstream consumption of the market
The golden age of real estate has passed. Under the new real estate market pattern, rigid demand is the most important factor in the home building materials industry. In the era of rigid demand, consumers' decoration has become more picky. From the first set of housing decoration to improved decoration, these will become the main consumer market in 2016.
3. The development of decoration industry will force the business model of home building materials industry
In the context of the Internet From EMKT.com.cn, more and more decoration formats have been stimulated. Decoration companies represented by Xiaomi home decoration are using the thinking of the Internet to change the traditional industry development pattern. In this context, home building materials enterprises must adapt to the new market, as well as new consumer habits. With the vision of the Internet to examine and change the decoration industry.
4, home building materials industry capital financing integration is coming.
Facing the huge cake of home building materials industry, more and more capital predators began to examine and enter the industry. At the same time, the capitalization operation of home building materials enterprises is also accelerating. With the power of capital, the enterprise will be bigger and stronger quickly. It has become a general consensus in the home building materials industry.
5, the overall home development is stable, consumer demand is more rational
Under the hype of the concept of the overall home furnishing, more and more companies have begun to enter the overall home furnishing industry. As a brand-new business combination, many companies have gradually moved from unfamiliar to familiar. There are also many consumers who are beginning to become familiar with and accept this business model. In such a market culture. The whole home will move to a fast lane. In 2016, the overall home market will be well developed.
6, service-oriented value chain will reconstruct the home building materials industry.
In the household building materials industry with highly homogeneous products, service is a good starting point in order to distinguish the differences between enterprises and enterprises. In 2106, with the increasing demand for offline services on the Internet, more and more enterprises will attach importance to the introduction of services and use services to drive product sales. This is a complete shift from the traditional product-driven service model to a service-driven product sales model.
7, e-commerce consumption will tend to be rational
The myth of e-commerce will gradually fade away. In the home building materials industry with service as the value demand point, more and more companies will begin to examine their e-commerce development strategies. While the e-commerce consumption area is rational, more companies have begun to use the Internet to import offline passenger flow. Maximize the role of the Internet's collection. At the same time, consumers' demand for product experience also forces e-commerce companies to start offline layout.
8, personalized demand is more and more obvious
With the promotion of consumer demand after 8090 as the core, the diversification and personalization of consumers have become the mainstream of the market. More and more consumers begin to like personalized products, and their attention to products has changed from quality, environmental protection and other elements to personalized products. This is an excellent development opportunity for many enterprises that focus on personalization.
9, dealers fine operation management will become the trend
The life of dealers has been really difficult in recent years. Under the impact of the market, many dealers have been tortured by the market. Under the traditional extensive mode, the survival of dealers depends on the sky (market). There are not many ideas for business development. In 2016, the refined management of dealers will become the main growth mode in the future, in the store, management, team, market and other aspects have to invest a lot of experience, only in this way can we make our business big and long.
10. Promotional activities tend to be more rational
Under the shadow of the industry that does not promote sales, promotion seems to have become the only factor driving the development of the industry. However, with the growing maturity of consumers, the traditional way of promotion, has been unable to activate the enthusiasm of consumers to buy. The rational demand for promotional activities is once again stimulated, as home building materials enterprises in promotional activities, to be more rational treatment of market and consumer changes. To promote the development of their own cause.

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