Policy Finance Helps Sponge City Construction

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Policy Finance Helps Sponge City Construction

It is reported that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Agricultural Development Bank of China jointly issued a notice recently to increase the support of policy financial institutions for the construction of sponge cities. The notice requires that local housing construction departments at all levels should focus on strengthening cooperation with the Agricultural Development Bank, maximize the supporting role of policy finance, and effectively improve the ability of credit funds to support and guarantee the construction of sponge cities.
According to the notice, local housing construction departments at all levels should establish and improve the sponge city construction project reserve system as soon as possible, reasonably determine construction projects, and implement the main body of the loan. The sponge city construction technical guidance expert committee of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development will evaluate the projects reported by various regions, and take the projects with good evaluation results and adopting the overall operation mode of "technical capital" as the priority recommended projects.
The notice requires that all branches of the Agricultural Development Bank should take sponge city construction as a key area of credit support, actively coordinate the allocation of credit scale, and give priority to loan support for sponge city construction projects. The loan term can be up to 30 years, and the loan interest rate can be appropriately preferential. Loan projects that meet the conditions for the use of mortgage supplementary loan funds may implement the preferential interest rate determined by the People's Bank of China. Under the premise of risk control and commercial sustainability, the expected income of the purchase service agreement of the project can be used as a pledge guarantee for the loan of Agricultural Development Bank.
Combined with the 2015 sponge city construction pilot announced, sponge city construction efforts to increase space, he with its absolute advantage was recognized, promoted, sponge city-Permeable floorIt has good "flexibility" in adapting to environmental changes and responding to natural disasters. When it rains, it absorbs water, stores water, seeps water, and purifies water. When needed, the stored water is "released" and used. The construction of sponge city should follow the principle of ecological priority, combine natural means with artificial measures, and maximize the accumulation, infiltration and purification of rainwater in urban areas under the premise of ensuring the safety of urban drainage and waterlogging prevention, so as to promote the utilization of rainwater resources and ecological environment protection.

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