Indoor plastering works using plaster or cement mortar?

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Indoor plastering works using plaster or cement mortar?

It is understood that the indoor plastering project from the original use of cement mortar plastering, gradually replaced by the usePlasterSo this change is not to adapt to the development of the building materials industry, what are the advantages of plastering gypsum in the indoor plastering project. The following details:
Plaster gypsum is divided into bottom layer plaster gypsum and surface layer plaster gypsum. The bottom layer plaster gypsum is used for backing and leveling of plastering wall surface. The thickness depends on the flatness and verticality of the base layer. It can cover the base layer, and the thinnest part is not less than 5mm. The operation method is the same as that of cement mortar plastering. Mechanical stirring, spraying, manual scraping and rubbing can also be used for leveling. The surface layer is plastered with gypsum for the covering surface on the leveling layer. A thin layer of steel trowel is scraped to fill up the sand pit on the leveling layer surface and the surface can be smooth. The plastering layer with cement mortar or mixed mortar is used with a thickness of about 1~2mm, in the construction of hollowing, cracks and other common quality problems, at the same time, after the delivery, due to the shrinkage deformation of cement, resulting in plaster surface layer of turtle cracks. The plastered gypsum has good characteristics such as early strength, hard block, fire prevention, heat preservation and heat insulation, strong bonding force, automatic adjustment of indoor humidity, and fine and comfortable surface appearance and feel. Because of its micro-expansion and large bonding force, can effectively prevent plaster cracks, peeling and shedding, at the same time, the plaster base requirements are not high, without any interface agent or cement slurry on the surface of the base can be directly plastered.
In addition, the plastering gypsum conforms to the form of actively carrying out wall material innovation. The plastering gypsum has good workability, water retention, good bonding performance, full hydration of slurry, and firm bonding with the substrate. After plastering, the wall surface is dense and smooth, with high strength, no odor, no shrinkage, no cracking, and no hollowing. The plastering layer sets and hardens quickly, improves the efficiency, shortens the construction period, and is convenient for winter construction. The product has stable physical performance, good fireproof performance, moisture absorption and moisture removal function, and belongs to the green environmental protection product. Vigorously develop new wall materials that save soil, save energy, benefit waste, protect the environment and improve building functions, and replace materials with high energy consumption, land occupation and land destruction and poor building energy efficiency. It is the vigorous development of my country's construction industry and the ultimate realization of my country's economic sustainability One of the major measures for development.

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