New Earth Group Held Year-end Summary Meeting at Jinan Headquarters

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New Earth Group Held Year-end Summary Meeting at Jinan Headquarters

New Earth Group Held Year-end Summary Meeting at Jinan Headquarters
On December 31, 2015,Shandong Xindadi GroupA year-end summary meeting was held at Jinan headquarters. The meeting was attended by Sun Qingjun, Chairman of Xindadi Group, General Manager Yi of Jinan Headquarters, General Manager Xin of the Division, leaders of the Self-leveling Cement Division and personnel of Jinan Sales Department. Leaders of each department made detailed reports on the situation of the department, shared some experiences gained in the past year's work, and analyzed the work situation in the past year, and focused on the planning and arrangement of the work in 2016. Judging from the statements and reports made by various supervisors on business achievements, task completion, key work development and characteristic management, the summary of 2015 work is comprehensive, detailed and effective, and the development speed and achievements in the industry field are obvious to all, satisfying customers.
After summing up, the group will "expose the bill" of its business status so that the management and employees can know fairly well. through effective financial data analysis, the group will put forward constructive suggestions on the development of the group in 2016, actively promote the innovative mode conducive to the development of the enterprise, and make major project proposals and planning arrangements for the work in 2016, so that the participants will have full confidence in the future of the enterprise. In 2016, Shandong Xindadi will strengthen the implementation under the call of the group leaders; strengthen personnel training, strengthen service awareness, achieve sustained, healthy, steady and rapid development, and make new contributions to the future development of the building materials industry.

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