Why the laying of wood flooring to choose self leveling cement to do the grass-roots?

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Why the laying of wood flooring to choose self leveling cement to do the grass-roots?

   self-leveling cementDo the benefits of grass-roots laying wood flooring
Home decoration to make wood floors has more and more advantages than floor tiles. It is convenient, fast, warm and comfortable, and greatly saves your floor height. The most important thing for laying wood floors is to choose the quality of the floor and excellent installers, followed by the basic level of the wood floor. Ground flatness is particularly important for the laying effect of the entire floor! In the past, friends who have installed floors in their homes will have a deep understanding of why some floors make abnormal noises when stepping on them, and why the floors will retreat. In recent years, the paving of wooden floors has derived a variety of laying methods. Let's briefly introduce the specific methods and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each method:
1. wooden keel + woodworking board + floor:
The dragon skeleton is beaten on the original ground. This method does not require high level of the original ground, but in different seasons, different materials of keel and woodworking board shrink vertically and horizontally, causing deformation, cracking and arching. Moreover, the structure under the floor is unstable, causing floor fracture. Often walk around the place, the nail is loose, will issue "squeak" noise. It is easy to be eaten by insects, rot, mildew, white ants, etc. Once the water leaks, the floor will be completely damaged. The installation is complicated and formaldehyde is released from the woodworking board all the time, which is harmful to the body, and will increase the thickness and reduce the floor height. The after-sales maintenance problem is also particularly troublesome.
2. orbit method:
Plastic tracks are used after cement leveling. There are two types of tracks: one is long and the other is short. Advantages: The wooden floor is not easy to deform and warp, will not give birth to termites, and the foot feel is relatively good. Disadvantages: If the quality of the track is not good, after two or three years of use, due to the looseness of the track, if the ground is not smooth, it will make a noise when walking.
3. plastic film + floor:
This laying method feels hard, no solid wood floor foot feeling, and the ground has not been leveled, affecting the service life of the floor.
4. bedding treasure + floor
This way stepping on the floor is slightly elastic, alleviating the impact of heavy objects, protecting the floor and reducing falling object damage. And thermal insulation, but under long-term heavy pressure easy to make the floor system sag deformation.
5. self-leveling cement leveling floor
When the floor is stepped on, there will be abnormal noise and seam withdrawal, mainly caused by uneven ground. Cement-based self-leveling base treatment is currently the most professional floor base construction technology. Whether it is laminate flooring or solid wood flooring, self-leveling can be used to level the grass-roots level. Self-leveling construction will not increase the height of the floor. Before leveling, the protruding part of the ground will be treated as much as possible, and doors can be installed. It will not affect the sprayed latex paint wall or your wooden furniture, because the machine is used to mix the materials in the barrel, and it is quick-drying and non-corrosive. 3 days after the construction can be completely dry, does not affect the decoration period. Therefore, home improvement wood floor, grass-roots treatment, self leveling is your best choice!

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