Xindadi won the famous brand of China's elastic floor auxiliary materials

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Xindadi won the famous brand of China's elastic floor auxiliary materials

Comprehensive 2015 annual elastic flooring industry selection activities network voting results and enterprise visibility and industry experts recommended, and finallyNew EarthWon the famous brand of China's elastic floor auxiliary materials, and accepted the award ceremony at the elastic floor branch of China building decoration materials association held on December 18.


China building decoration materials association elastic floor branch of the first three member congress and China elastic floor industry summit forum in December 18, 2015 Ningbo Marriott hotel grand opening. Many enterprises in the flexible flooring industry and related industries at home and abroad gathered together to summarize their work experience in 2015 and share their work plans for 2016.

At the meeting site, the "2015 National Resilient Floor Inspection" was launched at the same time, hoping to pass the inspection of enterprises in the industry, so that enterprises can be more self-disciplined, and to improve the product quality and industry threshold of the domestic elastic flooring industry. This paper analyzes the impact of China's current economic development on architectural decoration, and highlights the market law of product quality, environmental protection and survival of the fittest. Resilient flooring is expected to dominate the ground pavement market in the coming years. In order to achieve this goal, it is hoped that flexible flooring enterprises will go to war in the future to transform technology and eliminate backward production capacity. Establish an industry early warning mechanism to implement association standards as soon as possible; Strengthen industry self-discipline and standardize industry behavior; Encourage innovation and cultivate industry brands; Leading consumption upgrade with technology.

At the meeting, Shi Maoqing, the second executive president of the elastic floor branch, Zhang Nailing, vice president and secretary general of China Building Decoration Materials Association, Zhu Zhongyi, honorary vice president of China Real Estate Association, Sun Foli, deputy secretary general of the Hospital Building System Research Branch of China Hospital Association, Xia Guoming, secretary general of China Education Equipment Association, and Li Derong, the new executive president of the elastic floor branch in 2016, made speeches respectively.

In the "China Resilient Flooring President Summit Forum", senior industry leaders and fledgling recruits gathered together. Armstrong Tu Gang, LG Jiang Mingcheng, Jie Fu He Jianzhong, Meng Duo Chen Jianmin, Jiang Hai Group Shi Maoqing, William Shun Jin Zhengwu, Da Julong Li Derong, Bonil Yan Bin and Anda Tai Liu Liansheng participated in the forum to discuss the possibility of multiple cross-border flexible flooring. The forum pointed out that the current development of flexible flooring in China is not perfect, but it can be cross-border cooperation with furniture or decoration companies, and the development potential is great. In the forum, a guest proposed that "quality and quality are two different concepts", and the future development trend of elastic flooring "does not look at the brand, only looks at the quality". In addition, the competition mode of price war by enterprises will only cause two defeats and injuries. The basic condition for the survival of enterprises should not be to fight for prices but to fight for products. Relying on R & D and innovation is the basic condition for survival.


In the forum on "Reinventing the Conception of Home Industry Chain", Ding Mei Zhang Ke, AIA Shi Shen Xiang, Yi Hua Zhu Yulin, Napaly Deng Xuehong, Meili Sheng Huang Huanwen, and elite representatives from Kincaid, Kindoor, Fujingte and Kewans participated in the discussion. Shi Shenxiang said that the Internet is the current development trend of the home decoration industry, but the Internet development of flexible flooring is still in its infancy and is still very imperfect. He hopes to realize cross-border cooperation through resource integration and cross-border thinking. "Cross-border" is one of the Internet thinking. A guest pointed out that flexible flooring has a big market in the renovation of old houses. Adding some DIY on the basis of not moving the original floor, which is environmentally friendly and does not produce noise, will definitely be favored by consumers.


This meeting, it also awarded "Top Ten Brands of China's Elastic Flooring Industry", "Outstanding Engineering Award of China's Elastic Flooring Industry", "Outstanding Contribution Award of Elastic Flooring Industry", "Outstanding Agent of China's Elastic Flooring Industry", "Famous Brand of China's Elastic Flooring Auxiliary Materials", "China's Elastic Flooring Production Base", "China's Famous Brand of Sports Flooring", "China's Top Ten Famous Brands of Elastic Flooring Industry" brand "awards.

The first third member congress of the elastic flooring branch of the China Building Decoration Materials Association and the China Elastic Flooring Industry Summit Forum came to an end, but the future development of elastic flooring has just begun. In 2016, I hope that flexible flooring companies will get better and better and bring greater convenience to more users! ShandongNew Earth GroupAs a well-known brand of elastic floor auxiliary materials, it will certainly contribute its own strength in the development of elastic floor, steadily do its own products well, and create more possibilities with quality and reality in the Internet era, which still depends on the strength of the brand!


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