New earth self-leveling cement exported to Thailand

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New earth self-leveling cement exported to Thailand

New Earthself-leveling cementExport to Thailand
Recently, my company exported to Thailand nearly 20 tons of self-leveling cement production completed and ready to export matters. The self-leveling cement exported this time is a green self-leveling cement specially customized for customers. Through many exchanges with customers, the final customers confirmed their satisfaction and sent the goods to Thailand recently.
After the preliminary sample sample, through the feedback of Thai customers, our self-leveling cement quality is very good and the price is very competitive. They decided to do their best to promote our self-leveling cement to open up the local market. Our company has many years of experience in producing self-leveling cement, and has a high coverage rate in the domestic market. So far, our company has 17 self-leveling production divisions in various parts of the country, and is still expanding its regional coverage. On the basis of the development of the original products, our company has continuously introduced new products. The thick-layer self-leveling cement, permeable concrete binder, grouting material, plastering gypsum and other products launched this year have all been recognized by customers. Welcome to call for advice.

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