Permeable concrete floor 100 flat model construction site

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Permeable concrete floor 100 flat model construction site

    pervious concreteFloor 100 flat template construction site
Earlier, the seemingly magical flood nemesis was announced: a new type of porous concrete that can absorb 880 gallons of water in a minute, thereby alleviating the flooding of roads in vulnerable areas. Pervious concrete is composed of a rough, pebble-like, sand-free concrete material with a surface pore structure that allows water to penetrate quickly. Typical porous concrete can pass 300mm of water per hour. This means it can divert large amounts of water and avoid flooding. At present, some golf courses and parking lots have begun to use this material.
With the advocacy of the national government, more and more new projects and reconstruction projects have begun to use permeable concrete. The day before yesterday, the permeable concrete floor 100 flat model that the customer cooperated with our company was constructed in Jinan. Our company's technical personnel visited the site for guidance. The site situation is as follows:

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