Shandong Xindadi Group welcomes you to India Paint Exhibition 2016

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Shandong Xindadi Group welcomes you to India Paint Exhibition 2016

With the continuous improvement of the market share of the company's products in foreign countries, more and more foreign customers are interested in our products and are recognized after purchase. In order to better serve customers in close proximity and face-to-face communication, our company will participate in the India Coatings Exhibition held in Mumbai Exhibition Center, India from January 21 to 23, 2016. Welcome to visit and exchange with us.
India paint exhibition (Paint India2016) every two years, has more than 20 years of history, has developed into India's coatings industry's leading professional exhibition. The exhibition is one of the global coatings series of Nuremberg Exhibition Group, and it is a brand exhibition with international influence in the coatings industry. In 2014, more than 300 companies participated in the exhibition, and nearly 20000 professional visitors from 54 countries attended the exhibition. According to the statistical analysis of the audience, 39% of the professional audience from paint ink manufacturers, 24% from raw material manufacturers/distributors, other areas in the larger proportion of the audience from the ink, adhesives, plastics and construction chemicals and other fields. As a well-known enterprise in the Chinese market, our company will bring more updated products and detailed information to the exhibition audience.
Xindadi Group has been committed to R & D and production of high-quality, high-tech products for the construction industry to improve the scientific and environmental protection of construction. The main products are:redispersible latex powder, self-leveling cement (mortar), self-leveling cement masterbatch, powder polycarboxylate superplasticizer, powder K11 waterproof self-leveling coating, permeable concrete binder, emery wear-resistant aggregate, interface agent, PVC floor glue, dry powder JS waterproof mortar, EPS insulation board, FS composite insulation external template, cellulose, wood fiber and other series of products.
Shandong Xindadi Group welcomes you to India Paint Exhibition 2016
Exhibition time: January 21-23, 2016
Exhibition Address: India Mumbai Exhibition Center
Booth Location: Booth A23, Hall 1

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