Special rubber powder for self-leveling cement exported to Brazil

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Special rubber powder for self-leveling cement exported to Brazil

Self-leveling special rubber powder for export to Brazil is ready to go
Recently, Brazil customers in our company ordered the self-leveling cement specialredispersible latex powderXDD-740 the completion of production, although it has entered the cold winter and the cold wind is blowing, the workshop is really full of machines and energy. The 2 cabinets of rubber powder ordered by this customer are one of our company's main products and are specially developed and produced for self-leveling cement. It is suitable for the self-leveling cushion and surface layer of fine leveling mortar and thick leveling mortar, and is suitable for both cement base and gypsum base formulations.
In recent years, our company has actively explored foreign markets with its excellent quality and service. Its export products have covered many countries and have been widely recognized by customers. Brazil is the largest country in South America, one of the fastest growing countries in the world, and one of the important developing countries. This customer has chosen to cooperate with our company in many companies, which fully proves the strength of the company and will continue to urge us to provide more and better new products and services.
The company has withdrawn from the 7 series of rubber powder series, namely, rubber powder for ceramic tile glue: XDD-730; Special rubber powder for self-leveling cement: XDD-740; Special rubber powder for diatom mud: XDD-740LI; Special rubber powder for waterproof: XDD-745; As well as XDD-750 and XDD-760 rubber powder, please call us for more information.
The following figure shows the packaging of rubber powder ready to go:

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