The rapid development of diatom mud decorative materials

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The rapid development of diatom mud decorative materials

With the continuous development of diatom mud decorative material technology and products, in order to better promote the healthy and orderly development of the diatom mud industry, the "2015 National Diatom Mud Industry Development Seminar" organized by the Ecological Environment Building Materials Branch of the China Building Materials Federation was successfully held in Beijing from October 22 to 23, 2015.
The theme of this conference is "discussing common problems in the industry and promoting the healthy development of the industry. With the goal of "ecological guidance, healthy living, innovation and win-win, and coordinated development", we will promote the transformation and upgrading of building materials, achieve maximum energy saving, land saving and talent saving, achieve healthy symbiosis with nature, and improve the comfort of the living environment. because good living environment is the foundation and an indicator to measure the development of a country and region.
Many domestic professional diatom mud manufacturers with independent research and development capabilities and diatom mud theoretical system attended the meeting. As a new green decoration, diatom mud has received more and more attention and pursuit in recent years.redispersible latex powderIn line with the form and market demand, in order to meet the market demand, we continue to develop and produce new products, adhering to the concept of "really affordable new land for Shandong people", and sincerely provide customers with high-quality products and thoughtful service.

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