Chongqing Waterproof Coating Market Rectification New Hope

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Chongqing Waterproof Coating Market Rectification New Hope

According to statistics, 65% of the new houses in China will have different degrees of leakage within 1-2 years, and the quality complaints caused by leakage account for 65% of the real estate complaints. Nearly 2/3 of the building waterproofing projects need to be renovated 6-8 years after completion, and building leakage has become the second largest building problem outside the building structure. Why are there so many house leaks? The people concerned pointed out that the problem lies in waterproofing and construction. At present, there are still many fake and shoddy building materials marketwaterproof coatingProducts, especially in the district and county building materials market is more serious, fake and shoddy waterproof materials accounted for up to 70%. The price of these products is often only 1/3 of that of the real ones, but the quality is greatly reduced.
In order to curb and solve this situation in Chongqing, waterproof coiled materials and coating products on the Chongqing market are expected to be affixed with a two-dimensional code "ID card" to prevent fake and inferior products from mixing with each other. On April 27, at the "China · Chongqing 3rd Chemical Grouting, Waterproofing and Plugging, Reinforcement and Reconstruction, and Crack Control Technology Seminar", the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Committee and the Municipal Building Materials Association are negotiating to implement the market access for building waterproof materials in Chongqing. The registration system is to achieve the purpose of regulating the market.
Relevant persons said that in order to further regulate the market, on the one hand, they are working hard to strengthen the self-discipline awareness of waterproof material manufacturers in the city, and on the other hand, they are also negotiating with the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Committee to take the lead in implementing the registration of building waterproof materials market access in our city. system. After the implementation of the system, as long as the manufacturers of building waterproof materials inside and outside the city enter the Chongqing market to sell products, they need to register for the record and mark the QR code on the products. As long as consumers scan the QR code, they can query the basic information of the product manufacturer, production time, production license, etc. If there is no record registration and marked two-dimensional code, it is not allowed to enter the Chongqing market. In view of the housing leakage problem caused by the construction process, since 2014, the municipal building materials association has organized and carried out the training of middle and senior waterproofing workers. after passing the training, they will be awarded the qualification certificate of middle/senior waterproofing workers, which is valid nationwide. When consumers decorate their houses, it is best to choose qualified waterproof workers to enter the construction site, which can more effectively solve the problem of house leakage.

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