Our company thick layer self leveling cement research and development success

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Our company thick layer self leveling cement research and development success

My companythick layer self-leveling cementR & D success
In recent years, self leveling cement in the decoration industry gradually occupy the market, wood flooring industry to replace the keel to become the owner of the decoration, while for the PVC floor, carpet and other laying provides a better laying effect, become one of the mainstream decoration materials. Recently, on the basis of ordinary self-leveling cement, our company has developed and produced thick-layer self-leveling cement. This product is a self-leveling cement that can be constructed in thick layers. It provides a simple, fast, economical and high-flatness ground layer or indoor floor engineering leveling of leveling layer for various civil, commercial and industrial sites,
Thick-layer self-leveling cement is especially suitable for construction projects integrating fine decoration of buildings. It provides one-step basic conditions for surface paving ceramic tiles, plastic carpets, textile blankets, PVC floors, linen carpets and various wood floors, and saves the double material and labor costs of self-leveling cement base construction when decorating after the basic layer is laid.
The thick-layer self-leveling cement successfully developed by my formula can be mechanized in a large area, saving labor. No need for traditional methods of maintenance; No need for polishing or traditional methods of maintenance after construction; No need to deflate with defoaming roller during construction; No need to polish after construction. The construction of thick layer self leveling cement is convenient and fast, which provides a better choice for the new decoration industry.

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