Matters needing attention in the construction of rubber powder mortar

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Matters needing attention in the construction of rubber powder mortar

What should I pay attention to when using rubber powder mortar for wall construction? Many novices do not know mortar.Rubber powderWhat kind of construction, or some people after construction, there are always problems, here we tell you a few points about the construction of the need to pay attention.
First, clean the wall to ensure that the wall is free of oil stains, floating dust, etc. The local bulges on the wall surface shall not be less than 10mm and shall be leveled. Some people are lazy and think that as long as there is no big problem with the wall, it can be constructed directly. In fact, the first step is often the most important, because the following work should be done according to the first step,If the first step is not done well, there will definitely be problems, so the preparation work before construction must be done well.
Then the day before the construction of the grass-roots should be watered wet, the construction of the grass-roots should not be too wet. During construction, the base layer of the wall surface shall be fully coated with interface mortar, the thickness control line shall be played, the horizontal and vertical through line shall be pulled, and the thickness line shall be coated and scraped. When configuring interface mortar and rubber powder, strictly according to the proportion, the formula used should be positive.Reasonable rules, and then appropriate mixing, mixed mortar should be aged for 5min ~ 10min before use, in addition, thermal insulation mortar storage time can not be too long, should be mixed with use.

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