Application of putty powder in internal and external wall insulation

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Application of putty powder in internal and external wall insulation

The appearance of putty powder is white powder, which is generally used for wall scraping coating, porcelain scraping, putty scraping and fan ash. Is a natural polymer after scientific processing of a rubber.
Product features of putty powder:
1, putty powder powder is white powder, non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive, can quickly dissolve in cold water. It has the advantages of fast dissolution, minimum dosage, high viscosity, fast film formation, suspension, moisturizing, anti-enzyme, aging resistance, long storage time, convenient use, and stable performance. With its preparation of putty powder, construction is convenient, when used without rolling skin, film fast, high hardness, good water resistance, is a new type of green environmental protection putty powder can be modulated with water.
2, high strength washable putty powder effect is good, compared with other rubber powder with putty powder washable, but also high strength and hardness.
Product application scope of putty powder:
1, putty powder is mainly used in industrial building putty powder, used to produce interior wall high strength putty powder, water resistant putty powder, makeputty powderIt has the characteristics of high hardness and water resistance.
2. At the same time, putty powder can be used as adhesive, thickener and emulsifier in putty powder. Use in latex paint, stone paint, stone paint can reduce costs. Mainly applicable to exterior insulation system, wall insulation system, interior wall tile adhesive and caulking agent, interior wall putty and paint, plaster, waterproof and moisture-proof coating, self-leveling ground mortar, exterior wall tile and marble adhesive and caulking agent, exterior wall putty and paint coating.
Classification of mainstream putty powder on the market: roughly divided into two categories
One is the pre gelatinized starch putty powder: the main component of the pre gelatinized starch putty powder is the pre gelatinized starch, the price of this putty powder is relatively low, so it is generally used in rural areas more widely. The quality of this putty powder is not stable, so often appear off powder phenomenon.
The other is hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose putty powder: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose putty powder is the main component of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, it is an environmentally friendly, harmless powder, does not contain formaldehyde and other substances harmful to human health, the quality of the powder is relatively stable, less dosage, low cost.

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