How to produce high quality insulation mortar?

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How to produce high quality insulation mortar?

The production process of thermal insulation mortar is complicated, and each link is very important. To produce qualityThermal insulation mortarProducts, in addition to the use of raw materials based on the quality of the relevant, and after research found that the choice of a good insulation mortar production line equipment on the quality of insulation mortar products extremely important.
Thermal insulation mortar products are generally a certain amount of: cement, sand, fly ash, rubber powder, fiber and various added materials are mixed and stirred through professional equipment according to a certain scientific formula ratio, and then packaged with a packaging bag after the finished product is supplied to a building mortar material used in building construction.
A high-quality thermal insulation mortar production line equipment generally includes the following structural features:
First of all, there must be a precise batching system; it can make the configuration of thermal insulation mortar raw materials very accurate and scientific;
2. The second is to have the best dispersion performance; in the mixing host with a unique functional design, can be a good break polypropylene fiber and wood fiber;
Third, it is necessary to have the characteristics of a wide range of use; the equipment can be adjusted according to the production of different thermal insulation mortar products;
4. Finally, it must have the best intelligent and automated control system; because the current thermal insulation mortar production line is mainly based on the tower layout, the structure is compact, the area is small, and the operation is convenient and simple, and it does not need to invest too much labor. Can achieve the highest production efficiency.

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