My company K11 powder waterproof coating research and development success

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My company K11 powder waterproof coating research and development success

Recently, with the joint efforts of our company's leaders and technicians, powderK11 waterproof coatingSuccessful research and development. The product is the result of many experiments and experiments.
Our company has applied for a national patent for this product. Its research and development idea comes from the fact that the traditional two-component waterproof coating is composed of liquid material and powder material. The liquid material is afraid of freezing in winter and corrosion in summer, and has a large part of water, which is inconvenient to transport and increases the cost. The newly developed powder k11 waterproof coating product has obvious advantages: limited mass production is realized, and large transport tankers are used when transporting raw materials, reduced the cost of packaging the main raw material emulsion. Secondly, because the product is a dry powder state, it overcomes the two-component and liquid single-component k11 need to add preservatives; and the transport process does not contain moisture, saving freight, reducing costs; the use of paper-plastic composite packaging saves a larger packaging costs. Furthermore, the K11 self-leveling waterproof coating newly developed by our company can be stored in a zero or even lower environment, which changes the disadvantage of two-component K11 inconvenient storage in winter, and the construction site can be constructed by adding water and stirring, which has better self-leveling function and saves labor costs.
The R & D and production of new products always follow the pace of the development of the times. The convenient construction of products and cost reduction are the ultimate trend. Our company always pays attention to market trends and customer needs, and continues to make progress in development to meet a better tomorrow.

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